In 2018, «ImG» successfully completed following projects:

1 February 2019

In 2018, ImG successfully completed the following projects:
• 63 registration dossiers have been prepared and submitted to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (primary registration)
• Received 10 registration certificates for medicines (primary registration)
• Made 3 entries in the State register of active pharmaceutical substances
• 172 amendments were made to the registration certificates of partner companies medicines (revision of regulatory documents, addition of new indications for use in the instruction, change of manufacturing sites)
• Maximum selling prices have been registered for 29 medicines and changes have been made to the State register of prices for vital and essential medicines
• Registered 7 medical devices
• Conducted 3 GMP-pre-audit of the production site with the subsequent successful receipt of the state GMP-certificate
• Conducted 61 expert advice

We are deservedly proud of the fact that the projects carried out by us have not received a single refusal to register a drug from the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.

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